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Club Timer III Common Issues

There are some common issues that can occur with the Club Timer III. Luckily there are some really easy DIY solutions that you can try at home.


  1. The timer is picking up a “shot”  at .01 seconds.
  2. The timer is picking up extra shots.
  3. The timer is showing a shot around 600-700 seconds that never happened.


  1. Replace Battery – Please make sure the timer has a recently purchased, fully charged 9V battery. Low voltage batteries can cause odd behavior in the unit.  It is common for customers to grab a 9V out of a drawer that’s new but has lost it’s charge over the years. Please be sure that it’s a new, fully charged 9V battery.
  2. Adjust Sensitivity – If the Timer is picking up too many “shots” or having trouble reading them, try adjusting the sensitivity. There is a white plastic adjustment screw beneath where the battery goes in the corner. You can turn the sensitivity screw 1/8 – 1/16 of a turn counter-clockwise to decrease the sensitivity and clockwise to increase the sensitivity.

That may resolve the issue. Let me know if you continue to have issues. Thanks!

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