Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Please read through the questions below if you are experiencing issues with your PACT product. If you can’t find a resolution please feel free to contact us.

Return Shipping Instructions:

  • Place two rubber bands, one running North-South and the other East-West, crossing over the Platen.
  • Box the unit and transformer up with at least 2″ padding on ALL sides
  • Do NOT include the Powder Pan or Check Weights
  • Include a Note of the Problem with your Return Address.

The cure for Err 1 is a fairly simple process.

  1. We start with the Scale in the Off position.
  2. Begin by pressing and releasing the On/Off button, then IMMEDIATELY Press and Hold every button Except CAL for about (3) three to (5) five seconds. If the Scale reads Anything Except – – 0 – you need to press the On/Off button the Scale will either cycle to – – 0 – or it will turn off. If it turns off try the sequence again. If it reads – – 0 – you are almost cured.
  3. From this point run thru the standard Calibration Sequence, The Zero, small weight, large weight, both weights, and Zero. (2) Two Times. It is VERY important that you be sure to put the weights on in the Correct sequence. If the Scale goes to Err 1 during the second Calibration the Scale might have to come in for repair.
  1. Go to Timer Mode – Push SET/MENU Button
  2. Unit Displays – Restore Defaults? (N) – Push SET/MENU Button
  3. Unit Displays – Beeper On? (Y) – Push SET/MENU Button
  4. Unit Displays – Beeper Volume 1-3: (2) – Push SET/MENU Button
  5. Unit Displays – Auto Delete as Needed? (Y) – Push SET/MENU Button
  6. Unit Displays – Renumber ALL Strings? (N) – Push SET/MENU Button
  7. Unit Displays – Delete ALL Strings? (N) – Push PRNT/YES Button
  8. Unit Displays- Open-Circuit Stop Plates? (Y) – Push SET/MENU Button
  1. Screens Set 5 to 10 feet Downrange
  2. Cables on the Ground as much as Possible
  3. Cables separate from each other
  4. Make sure the Unit Itself is NOT being Hit by Muzzle Blast. Isolate Box from shock-wave.
  5. FRESH Battery
  6. Bright Overcast Day works Very Well
  7. On VERY Bright Blue Days Try Canting the Sensors Over 60 to 90 degrees either Left or Right that will increase the contrast of the bullet to the background.

Every time you start up your Scale & Dispenser you MUST tell the Scale to Send the Signal to the Dispenser.

The Set-Up Procedure is as follows:

  1. Power both units on – 12vAC to Scale – 9vDC to Dispenser
  2. Make sure the power wire on Scale is NOT Blocking the Light on the side of Scale.
  3. On the SCALE Push the CAL/Menu Button Once. It will Flash CAL / Y—N, Press the Zero/No Button.
  4. The Scale will Flash Tric / Y—N, Press the YES Button.
  5. With the DISP Next to the Scale the Tubes Centered over Powder Pan. The TOP Scale Light on the DISP Should be burning Solid.
  6. Now with Powder in the Disp. Push the CAL Button on the Disp. The motors will run a bunch of Powder into the Pan, about 130 to 250 grains. When the CAL Light burns solid the Disp. Is Calibrated.
  7. Enter your Charge RE: 47.3 and Press Enter – the Memory light will Come On.
  8. Push Disp. To Dispense your Charge.
  9. When Finished Dump the Powder Out of the Hopper.