Dear Shooter,

PACT was founded in 1982 to design and produce the first modern training timer for shooting, the PACT Championship Timer. Over the years the Championship Timer has undergone several changes, both in software and hardware. In its current form, The MKIV Championship is by far the most advanced training timer in the world and is the choice of top competitive shooters in a variety of disciplines as well as our most elite military and law enforcement units.

We’ve also developed several different chronographs. Spread over a wide price range, our chronographs run from our most basic unit, the Model 1, which competes on a performance basis with the best our competitors have to offer, yet at a price close to that of the disposable down range box units. Our higher end units incorporate built in ballistic computers and a printer.

In 1993 we developed our first Digital Electronic Scale. This was the first electronic scale designed from the ground up with the particular needs of reloaders in mind. As with all our products, we’ve steadily refined it, tuning its circuitry and software as well as incorporating an infrared data port. By producing the very best at a reasonable price, PACT has become the largest manufacturer of electronic reloading scales in the world.

Our most recent innovation was the introduction, in 1996, of our long awaited Electronic Powder Dispenser. Working in conjunction with our top of the line electronic scale, the Dispenser takes the drudgery out of load development by automatically dispensing the exact amount of powder you require. In 1997 the Shooting Industry Academy of Excellence awarded it Accessory of the Year.

Like you, we at PACT are active shooters and reloaders. We go through the same trials and tribulations you do. Whether developing loads, or working to improve our skill at arms, we know what it takes. We design products that we want to use. We listen to your ideas for improvements and incorporate them whenever practicable. All our PACT products are manufactured right here at our factory in Texas and we sell them direct to you. All are backed by our no BS warranty and all carry a 30 day money back guarantee.

Good Shooting,
Ronin Colman