Built by Reloaders for Reloaders

Electronic powder scales have been around for years. The expensive ones gave at least accurate readings, though their software often had a hard time dealing with the unique requirements of reloaders. The inexpensive scales offered by our competitors have, to date, all been based on repackaged postage meters or kitchen scales. The PACT Digital Precision Powder Scale was designed from the ground up with you, the reloader, in mind. Take a look at our platen design, its will perfectly center the powder pan over the load cell to enhance accuracy. Our software is tuned to the unique requirements of reloaders. From weighing lots of objects fast, like bullets or loaded rounds to trickling powder you’ll find consistent, quick accurate results. Like the most expensive scales, our scale comes with two ultra precision check weights for proper calibration in compliance with weigh scale industry standards. The Digital Precision Powder Scale is accurate to a tenth of a grain all the way to 1500 grains.

The Fastest, Most Precise Powder Dispensing

Working with the PACT Digital Precision Powder Scale the new High Speed PACT Digital Precision Powder Dispenser puts an end to the hassle of endlessly fiddling with manual powder dispensers. Working with our Digital Precision Powder Scale the High Speed Dispenser will automatically give you the exact charge weight you’ve asked for. Want 61.9 grains? Type it in and press Dispense. Your Dispenser will take it from there, depositing your powder directly into the powder pan resting on the Scale. The Scale tells the Dispenser the actual charge weight as it’s being dispensed using our infrared data port. The information from the Scale allows the dispenser to precisely meter the charges, trickling the last few tenths. In other words, each load is as accurate as it would be if you weighed each charge, trickling each one to the correct weight by hand. The difference is that the dispenser won’t get tired or bored, and won’t complain. It’ll just sit there giving you what you asked for time after time. Our new High Speed system delivers your precise charge in about 1/3 the time of our original PACT/RCBS system with the same outstanding accuracy. The larger the load the greater the time savings.

Scales and Dispensers